Allegheny County LINK: A Summary of Data and Consumer Feedback

The Link is a collaborative effort among local agencies, organizations and indi­vidual consumers, designed to help older adults and people living with a disability maintain their independence, dignity and quality of life. Funded in 2006 by the Pennsyl­vania State Office of Long Term Living, the mission of the Link is to simplify and streamline access to long-term living services and supports.

This summary is based on available data about the Link which includes: service call data, a survey of caseworker time usage and consumer satisfaction surveys. Based on past trends, the total number of service requests to the Link is expected to increase by at least 2,300 annually, leveling off at approximately 15,000 in 2016. To meet this increased demand, additional casework resources will be required. Regarding service needs, the data indicate that housing and home accessibility services are not adequate to meet demand, particu­larly for those individuals who do not own their own home. Development of addi­tional housing and home accessibility services should be a priority.

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