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Information for DHS contracted providers

Information for DHS providers on tools to improve care coordination, quality improvement, and strategic planning and on how to share information safely and securely with DHS.

Improving Crisis Prevention and Response

Researchers and public representatives met to address challenges that persist throughout our crisis system. They developed a set of 16 recommendations.

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A Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Cross-System Evaluation: Findings and Recommendations

Throughout the United States, people experiencing behavioral health challenges are overrepresented in the criminal justice system and Allegheny County is no exception. To better understand the state of our current […]

Of and For the Community: How Community Engagement and Communication Helped to Shape the Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Creating an integrated Department of Human Services in 1997 was a herculean task. It involved combining four formerly-separate departments, geographically dispersed and structured in very different ways. Administratively, technologically, fiscally […]

Common Assessment Tools: Implementation and Implications for Service Integration

An initial assessment is often a client’s first service experience, and, as such, it plays a major role in the perception, comfort and outcomes of the service. Simultaneously, the assessment […]

Behavioral Health Services in The Allegheny County Jail

The high percentage of inmates with mental health and/or substance use issues presents significant challenges to the correctional system. Untreated behavioral health issues contribute to higher rates of recidivism as […]

Managing with Less: Implementation of the Allegheny County Human Services Block Grant

Fiscal Year 2012/2013 saw the implementation of the Human Services Block Grant in Allegheny County, which combined a 10 percent decrease in funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare […]

Human Services: Sustained and Coordinated Efforts Could Facilitate Data-Sharing While Protecting Privacy

U.S. Government Accountability Office The U.S. Government Accountability Office examined four innovative data sharing practices (including DHS’s) to determine (1) how selected states or localities have shared data across programs […]

System of Care Initiative: Building Creative Partnerships – Involving Families in Program Evaluation

Between 1993 and 2011, Allegheny County Department of Human Services received three SAMHSA grants to implement systems of care designed to support youth with serious emotional disturbances who were involved […]

Transforming Lives Through Systems Integration: The “Improving Outcomes for Children and Families” Initiative

DHS’s Improving Outcomes for Child and Families initiative utilized a service integration focus to serve families with multiple needs.  It was based on the belief that making systems work together […]

Framework for Collaboration: The Memorandum of Understanding between Allegheny County DHS and Pittsburgh Public Schools

Integrating Pittsburgh Public School (PPS) data with the Department of Human Services (DHS) Data Warehouse allows unprecedented collaboration between human services and school social workers. Our partnerships with local school […]

Challenge and Change 1997-2010: Transforming an administrative infrastructure to support program integration

This report details the transformational administrative and operational changes within DHS from its creation in 1997 through 2010. Click to read the full report.

Starting Early Together – Assessing a System of Care Initiative

Starting Early Together, a program of Allegheny County’s System of Care Initiative, was designed to serve children under six with serious emotional disturbances, and their families, in four high-need Allegheny […]