How Youth Flow In and Out of Homeless Services (2016)

This infographic depicts the flow of homeless youth in and out of Allegheny County’s homeless service system. Analyzing the housing services that youth used — in addition to the places they were residing before and after receiving these services — helps inform outreach efforts and service planning. This is part of an effort to prevent and divert youth from homelessness and improve the housing outcomes of youth who do experience homelessness.

Using data from the County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), 260 youth ages 18-24 who used a homeless service between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 were identified. Residence before and after service utilization were self-reported by youth. Some youth entered the homeless system multiple times during this period for a total of 321 service involvement entries during the period of study. Not all youth who entered a homeless service in 2016 exited within the same year; as a result, total entries into service do not equal exits.

The left side of the chart shows where youth were residing prior to their use of homeless services. The most frequent location was a doubled-up situation, i.e., living with a friend or family member in a place where they could not stay permanently. The middle of the chart displays the homeless services used by youth; emergency shelters were accessed most frequently followed by transitional housing services. The right side of the chart displays where youth went after leaving a homeless service. Most youth went to permanent living situations, though many also went to non-permanent locations and data was not available for about a quarter of service exits.

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