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Point-in-Time Count of People Experiencing Homelessness: Annual Reports

Each year, Allegheny County participates in a federally required national effort to count the number of people experiencing homelessness on a single night in January. Allegheny County also performs a […]

Frequent Utilizers of Services in Allegheny County

What are these reports about? Nationally and locally, policymakers and practitioners are interested in the people who frequently use publicly funded services, particularly crisis services. Most people who use crisis […]

Data-Driven Efforts to Improve Housing Coordination for People Experiencing Homelessness

Allegheny County established a coordinated entry system to prioritize the most vulnerable homeless clients to get them into housing as quickly as possible.

Veterans in Allegheny County’s Homeless Services System

The number of Veterans entering homeless assistance programs in Allegheny County consistently declined from 2014 through 2018. This report looks at details on demographics, housing program types and involvement with other County services.

Performance of Programs in the Allegheny County Homeless System: Interactive Dashboard

This dashboard displays information about the performance of homeless system providers in Allegheny County. Dashboard users can select a system-level view or explore particular program types to see how providers are meeting performance benchmarks.

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Improving Prioritization of Housing Services: Implementation of the Allegheny Housing Assessment

Allegheny County, like many communities across the country, does not have sufficient long-term supportive housing to serve every person or family meeting the criteria for homelessness. Although the County’s Continuum […]

Survey of Families Using Homelessness Case Management Program Finds Satisfaction — and Preference for Texting as a Survey Method

The Homeless Services and Supports Coordination (HSSC) program, implemented by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services in 2013, provides comprehensive service coordination for families who use emergency homeless shelters. […]

People Using Homelessness Programs: Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard below displays data about homelessness programs in Allegheny County and the clients using them. Data comes from the Allegheny County Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). Data is available […]

How Youth Flow In and Out of Homeless Services (2017)

This infographic depicts the flow of homeless youth in and out of Allegheny County’s homeless service system in 2017. Analyzing the housing services that youth used — in addition to the […]

How Youth Flow In and Out of Homeless Services (2016)

This infographic depicts the flow of homeless youth in and out of Allegheny County’s homeless service system. Analyzing the housing services that youth used — in addition to the places […]

Allegheny County YOUth Count 2016

The Allegheny County YOUth Count survey was initiated in 2015 to gain a more accurate count of youth experiencing housing instability. Data gathered was meant to enhance yearly HUD-required Point-in-Time […]

Homeless Services and Supports Coordination: A Qualitative Program Evaluation

Implemented at the end of 2013 and designed to provide service coordination and supports for families accessing Allegheny County’s four emergency homeless shelters, the Homeless Services and Supports Coordination program […]

Allegheny County YOUth Count 2015

This data brief summarizes the results of the YOUth Count survey, Allegheny County’s first point-in-time count focused specifically on the number and needs of homeless and/or unstably-housed youth ages 18 […]

Families Involved in the Allegheny County Homelessness System

In 2014, the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) conducted a review of its homelessness services system as a first step in planning for and promoting effective strategies for […]